Office of the County Executive
Steve Summers, County Executive

Information Technology Division

The Information Technology Division's staff of 10 provides computer, reporting, and programming support to the County’s 600 plus technology devices supporting the County's workforce. Services include:

In December, 2019, the County Board adopted a Six-Year Information Technology Plan, which is intended to guide the replacement of systems and software through 2025. A copy of the Technology Plan can be found at

  • operation of a secure and robust computer network that connect all of the County's worksites via fiber optic cabling or secure site to site VPN
  • development and maintenance of the County's website
  • operation of sixty-four Windows servers, twenty-five SQL database servers, and two IBM iSeries mid-range computers
  • programming services for various customized in-house programs used for animal control, accounting and purchasing system, fixed asset system, real estate tax assessment, and collection system
  • operation and support of various vendor purchased solutions for timekeeping and human resources, Nursing Home ERP, inmate services, public safety, and management of court-related offices
  • broadcasting, recording, and video streaming of all County Board and Committee meetings
  • network perimeter security including firewalls and virus/malware protection
  • web content filtering
  • video evidence management

Support is provided using an integrated help desk, which is manned during regular business hours and monitored on an emergency basis outside of regular business hours. After hours service is also provided to three shift operations at the Adult and Juvenile Detention Centers, Coroner’s Office and Nursing Home through an on-call cell phone. Incidents are tracked using the software and can be anything from a "how do I do this" question to a malfunctioning printer or computer to a major programming change. Utilization of the help desk by employees allows IT Services to track frequent issues which can result in identification of opportunities for training as well as ways to improve business processes.


  • To provide quick, reliable, trusted, and cost-effective IT services to all users while improving staff efficiency
  • To ensure the security and protection of all electronic information maintained and shared through the County’s network
  • To work with all County Departments to develop information technology as a means to improve the effectiveness and performance of programs and initiatives of County government
  • To provide training resources for County Departments

Mission Statement

To assist County Departments in developing and implementing creative technology solutions that increase transparency, reduce costs and waste and better enable the public to have positive interactions with County government.


  • M.C. Neal
    Chief Information Officer

  • Tim Breen
    IT Manager

  • [ Vacant ]
    Senior Systems Administrator

  • Will Adams
    Mainframe Programmer

  • James Wright
    Applications Support Specialist

  • Tim Pavlik
    Systems Administrator

  • Drew Ritzman
    Systems Administrator

  • Robin Curtis
    Software/Reporting Analyst

  • Jarrod Thomas
    Desktop Support Technician

  • Christopher Fiorillo
    Desktop Support Technician

  • email: [email protected]
  • Phone: (217) 384-3776