Champaign County Board of Review


  • John Bergee – Chairman, CIAO
  • Susan Frobish – Secretary, CIAO
  • Chris Diana – FOIA Officer, CIAO


The Board of Review reviews property tax assessments in the County.  Three (3) members are appointed by the County Board after passing an exam administered by the State of Illinois.  The Board of Review meets each June to select a Chair and Secretary and to formulate and publish rules and regulations for that year's session.

The Board of Review accepts and holds hearings on assessment complaints from July 1 to September 10.  After September 10, members research values on each complaint filed, thereafter issuing a written decision.

Other duties of the Board of Review include the following:  intra-County equalization of property values, representing the County in all State of Illinois Property Tax Appeal Board proceedings, adding omitted properties to the tax rolls, acting on exemption requests and performing sales ratio studies.

Upon completion of their work the Board of Review delivers one copy of the assessment books to the County Clerk, who then certifies the abstract to the Illinois Department of Revenue.

Mission Statement

The Board of Review members will perform all the duties as required by law to procure a full, fair and impartial assessment of all property.

Board of Review Office Hours:

9 AM to 3 PM, Monday thru Thursday

Or by appointment