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Animal Control Department and
Animal Services Facility

Jerry Kellems


All animals picked up as strays or impounded in the unincorporated area of the County; in municipalities that contract with the County for Animal Control Services; and in the Cities of Champaign and Urbana are located at this facility. (See side navigation for Municipal ACS contacts).

Fines and vaccination registration fees can alse be paid at the facility.

Champaign County Animal Control requires that all owners of dogs and cats over the age of four (4) months obtain a rabies vaccination for said animal and a County rabies tag through registration with Animal Control. The County rabies tag will be issued by the veterinarian administering the vaccination.  The registration fee schedule can be found in Section 23 of the Animal Control Ordinance (see side navigation for a link to the Animal Control Ordinance).

Champaign County Animal Control investigates any incident where a human is bitten by a dog, cat or other mammal.  Animal Control will also issue quarantines of  biting animals to ensure that those bitten have not been exposed to an animal carrying the rabies virus.

Champaign County Animal Control is also responsible for impounding stray dogs and for investigating claims of livestock killed or injured by dogs in the County.

Champaign County Animal Control also provides educational services regarding animal control and rabies.

Policy Statement

The Animal Control Fund is funded primarily from the fee paid for the registration of dogs.  Pursuant to 510 ILCS 5, the fee collected shall be used for the purpose of paying claims for livestock or poultry, paying the cost of stray dog control, impoundment, education on animal control and rabies, and other costs incurred in carrying out the provision as outlined in the statutes.


Champaign County Animal Control provides Animal Control Services to the unincorporated areas of Champaign County and to municipalities that contract with Champaign County Animal Control for Animal Control Services. Contact information for Animal Control Services in Municipalities in Champaign County can be found by selecting the Municipal Contacts link on the left side of this page.