Office of the County Executive
Steve Summers, County Executive

Physical Plant Division

The Physical Plant Division's staff of 22.5 provides building & grounds maintenance and custodial services to all County Departments and buildings.

The Building Maintenance Division performs all building maintenance on 791,075 square feet of County buildings including major and minor remodeling projects of County buildings and utility systems. Assistance is also provided to the Grounds Division during severe weather conditions with snow removal and as other needs arise. Objectives include:

  • To maintain and/or properly repair mechanical equipment in all County buildings.
  • Determine costs associated with, and oversee, remodeling and renovation of building structures.
  • To perform major and minor remodeling projects.
  • To maintain files for all leases for County property and maintenance service contracts.

The Grounds Maintenance Division maintains over fifty acres of County property with duties including mowing, edging, trimming trees, landscape maintenance, and clearing of snow from all County parking lots and sidewalks. When seasonal work slows, and as time and budget allows, the Grounds Division assists with special projects and building maintenance, such as interior painting, carpet replacement and other general maintenance repairs. Objectives include:

  • To maintain both routine and extensive grounds-keeping activities for existing and new facilities.
  • To provide snow removal from parking lots and sidewalks.

The Custodial Services Division’s primary responsibility is to provide a safe, clean, and comfortable environment for County employees and visitors in the County’s buildings. The custodians also provide once daily courier mail services between the County’s two main buildings, the Courthouse and Brookens Administrative Center. Objectives include:

  • To provide custodial services to County buildings.
  • To provide a clean and healthy environment for all County employees and the public.
  • To provide mail services for County daily mail operations.

Mission Statement

The Physical Plant will strive to provide a safe, clean, and comfortable environment for County employees and visitors in all County buildings, and to maintain and upgrade the integrity of all primary and secondary building systems.